Regulations of the website

Dear Users of the website! Due to the fact that the service is provided electronically within the meaning of the Act of 18 July 2002 on the provision of electronic services, it is a legal requirement that the rules of use of this site be regulated in the regulations. Please read the following regulations, as it is a legally significant source of yours, as well as our rights and obligations in connection with the use of The Regulations define unilaterally mutual rights and obligations and it is not possible to individually set them or raise objections to its contents. Starting using the service is tantamount to acceptance by you of the rules provided for in the following regulations and conditions that you must meet when you want to use the site and this according to the content of the regulations from entering (logging in) to the site, which means that in the case any changes made unilaterally to the regulations, these changes are automatically valid every time you visit the website. These regulations will be available here for the entire duration of the service of

  1. General information

    1. These regulations, hereinafter referred to as the Regulations, define the rules for the operation and use of the website located on the Internet at, hereinafter referred to as the Website and defines the scope of rights and obligations of Website users, hereinafter referred to as Users, which may be natural, legal and other persons. organizational units without legal personality, having their registered office or proxy in the territory of the Republic of Poland.

    2. The owner and administrator of the Website is PHU AGROVET - based in 18-411 Śniadowo, ul. Szosowa 84, hereinafter referred to as the Administrator, whose rights and obligations in connection with the operation of the Website and relations in relation to its Users are set out in these Regulations.

    3. The object of the Website's services is the mediation of work and making it available to its Users by publishing information, offers, content of databases on topics related to the labor market and all information related to the labor market on the Website.

    4. All possible advice and information containing the characteristics of tips or advices published on the Website are not advice addressed to individual recipients, taking into account their individual situation, but only a general collection of information collected and shared in one place on the Website for the ease of their retrieval or Users' statements, whose content the Administrator is not responsible for.


  2. The rules of using the Website

    1. Submitting a job offer on the Website or sending a CV form to the Website is synonymous with the User's consent to:

      1. using electronic means of communication (here: Internet) to perform the services of the Website;

      2. acceptance of the Regulations in full, with no exceptions or reservations in this respect;

      3. the processing of his personal data by the Administrator in the scope in which they were entered into the Website during the registration process or later in connection with the use of the Website while meeting the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Act of 29 August 1997 (consolidated text in the Journal of Laws of 2002 , No. 101, item 926, as amended); and up-to-date on the basis of art. 13 para. 1-2 of the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46 / EC (Official Journal. UE L 2016, No. 119)

      4. receiving commercial information from the Administrator or its partners and distributed on behalf of third parties.

    2. Using the Website and its individual services is possible after providing the User with required data and information or paying fees for access to specific services, about which the User decides by providing the required information and data or by paying fees, and depending on the extent of meeting the above conditions, Administrator will provide the User with a range of resources and services of the Website, in which the User will meet the requirements to be able to use them.

    3. Each User may at any time resign from participation in the Website by telephone or e-mail instruction to delete his data from the Service database, which will result in the removal of all information and data about the User from all places on the Website, and from the servers on which his data is stored. data, with the proviso that the Administrator may save the User's data to the extent and for such period of time as is permitted by law, in order to finally fulfill the obligations arising between the User and the Administrator in relation to the User's participation in the Website.

    4. Technical conditions that must be met to register and use the Website are:

      1. possession of an individual e-mail account;

      2. an internet browser compliant with the standards;

      3. acceptance by the Internet browser of "cookie" files that contain information saved by the Website server on the Users' computer, which the server can read to identify the re-connection from this computer. "Cookies", using the wrong configuration of the web browser, can be read not only by the website server of the Website, but also by other devices, servers and people working in the Internet. The mechanism of "cookie" files is widely used by many websites. Lack of acceptance of "cookies" does not cause the inability to use the Website, but to a large extent may affect its dysfunctions.

    5. Individual services of the Website are provided against payment or free of charge, according to the price list provided.

    6. The Administrator will always inform about the payment of a given service, price and terms of its provision on the pages of the Website in relevant places due to placing a given service on the Website, access to it or the place where it is possible to order it.

    7. All services of the Website may be changed as to their content and scope, added or subtracted, and temporarily suspended or access to them may be limited, according to the free decision of the Administrator, without the possibility of raising objections in this respect.

    8. The Administrator does not return any cash provided as fees for the use of the Website, if the grounds for requesting a refund do not result from sole fault of the Administrator or entities cooperating with him.

    9. The Administrator reserves the right to use permanent or temporary discounts or promotions in terms of fees or rates for individual or all Website services.


  1. Submission and publication of announcements on the Website

    1. All content of advertisements is sent by means of teletransmission to the Administrator via the appropriate electronic forms available on the Website.

    2. Publication of the advertisement may depend on payment or verifying by the Administrator or entities cooperating with him the truth of existence of the entity submitting the announcement, which may take place by requesting the Administrator to submit specific documents or statements in the form indicated by the Administrator.

    3. 1. Regardless of any provisions of the Regulations, the final decision on the publication of each advertisement always depends on the Administrator, and in the case of refusal to publish an advertisement that has been paid, the Administrator will refund the fee, after deducting the handling costs of the return, consisting of costs of transfer, remittance, correspondence or other, which the Administrator incurs in connection with the obligation to refund the fees paid.

    4. One advertisement can contain up to 500 words. A word is considered to be a group of characters (letters, numbers, symbols, etc.) between which there is a space (space).

    5. Any punctuation mark preceding the first word of the announcement or placed inside or between words without spaces is treated as a separate word.

    6. Each punctuation mark placed in the middle of a word causes its division into two separate words.

    7. The administrator does not ensure publication of advertisements in a fixed or user-defined graphic layout or formatting.

    8. Advertisements are published in sections available on the Website, to which the User has directed them by selecting the appropriate section in the advertisement submission form.

    9. It is forbidden to post illegal content in the advertisements and in any places available on the Website, calling for discrimination based on sex, race, origin or religion, content or dissonance of vulgarisms, obscenity, profanity or otherwise controversial, content that violates personal rights or subjective rights of other persons or entities, content constituting a form of punishable offense or offense against public order or violating private rights, as well as containing content that promotes, encourages or offers instructions regarding illegal activities.

    10. The Administrator reserves the right to moderate the content of advertisements or refuse to publish an advertisement without giving reasons, if the content of ads violates generally applicable laws, regulations or rules of social coexistence, however, the Administrator is not responsible for the content of ads, their accuracy, validity, reliability and existence of the advertiser .

  2. Personal data protection

    1. In connection with the participation in the Website, personal data of its Users, provided by Users only in a voluntary manner, are collected and processed in its resources. The administrator of these personal data within the meaning of the Act of 29 August 1997 on the protection of personal data and regulations of the GDPR is PHU Agrovet - address: ul. Szosowa 84, 18-411 Śniadowo.

    2. The request to delete personal data made available to the Website, the administration of which is required by the Administrator, is synonymous with the User's resignation from using the Website's resources in whole or in part or from all of them or individual services.

    3. The detailed rules for the processing of personal data, the scope of Users' rights and Administrator's obligations in connection with the processing of personal data are explained and regulated in Annex No. 1 to the Regulations entitled "Privacy Policy".


  3. Complaints

    1. Disruptions in the functioning of the Website, problems and comments related to the services provided on the Website may be advertised by the User by reporting this Administrator to the e-mail address

    2. Complaints will be processed on a regular basis by the Website's service team within 14 days of filing the complaint, however the Administrator reserves the right to leave the complaint unresponsive, if it concerns dysfunctions resulting from ignorance of the Regulations, non-compliance by the User with instructions given to Users on an ongoing basis on the pages of the Website or directly by the Administrator.

    3. Complaints addressed to the Administrator regarding the services provided by third parties via the Website will be transferred by the Administrator to the appropriate third party without delay, who is responsible for the complaint.


  1. Amendments to the Regulations and its availability

    1. All provisions of the Regulations may be changed unilaterally by the Administrator at any time, without giving reasons. The changes will be published on a regular basis in the form of a uniform text of the Regulations on the pages of the Website along with information about their implementation.

    2. After displaying information on changes to the Regulations on the Website main page or in other places on the Website, the User should read the changes immediately, because logging in to the Website after such announcement is tantamount to acceptance of the new content of the Regulations by the User.

    3. In the event of not accepting changes in the Regulations, the User should refrain from logging in to the Website and immediately notify the Administrator of such a decision.

    4. The declaration of non-acceptance of changes in the Regulations will entail the deletion of the User's account from the Website.

    5. Regulations with all attachments thereto, in one PDF document is always available in the current version.


  1. Final Provisions

    1. The Administrator is not responsible for events and events that may or may have occurred in the real world between Users, regardless of their causes.

    2. The Administrator is not responsible for the authenticity of information and data provided by Users to the Website or information about Users made available to other Users - the Administrator is not able to verify them as to its compliance with the real state.

    3. The Administrator shall not make available in any other way than the purpose of the Website and the scope of granted consents and declarations, information and data about Users to any other third parties without a legal basis ordering the Administrator to do so and ensure that every effort is made to keep this information properly , in particular in the manner envisaged by the provisions of the Act on the protection of personal data and regulations issued on its basis.

    4. The Administrator, as the owner and manager of the Website, will make every effort to ensure that the Website and all services made available through it operate continuously without any disruptions, however the Administrator does not bear any responsibility for disruptions caused by force majeure or unlawful interference by Users or third parties.

    5. The Administrator reserves the right to temporarily completely or partially exclude the Website in order to improve it, add services or carry out maintenance without prior notice to Users.

    6. The Administrator is not responsible for the loss of the Website data stored in the Administrator's computer systems, caused by hardware failure, Internet network dysfunction, loss due to third parties or force majeure and random events.

    7. 1. The Administrator reserves the right to publish on the Website, information about Users who persistently violate the Regulations or in the same way take actions that are contrary to the Regulations or the purpose and character of the Website.

    8. The Administrator reserves the right to anonymously publish content directed by the Users to the Website service team, regarding issues related to the functioning of the Website (FAQs), advice given and others, which the Administrator will recognize that responses to this content are worth publishing.

    9. It is prohibited without the consent of the Administrator expressed in writing; copying, reproduction or any other use, in whole or in part, of information, data or other content of the Website, except for the cases of fair use under the Copyright and Related Rights Act (OJ 1994 No. 24 item 83).

    10. The Administrator reserves the right to implement the Website in all its areas, functional, identification or other solutions that will be appropriate to the subject or technical conditions of the Website, in relation to the possibility of behavior or adverse events or threaten the rights or interests of Users, the Administrator or legitimate interests other entities, due to the nature of the medium which is the INTERNET network (it is about counteracting such features of the Internet as unpredictable directions or the possibility of developing technologies generating threats, expanse, inability to verify with the real state, anonymity, etc.). In particular, the Administrator reserves the right to identify materials and features of materials submitted to the Website by Users to show their origin from the Website, which aims to prevent the use of these materials in a manner inconsistent with the will of Users by any unauthorized entities. Each User may request the Administrator to cease using such solutions in relation to materials derived from it, and the Administrator will be able to refuse this request only in cases where it could violate the legitimate interest of the Administrator or third parties.

    11. The Administrator reserves the right to assign in whole or in part all of his rights and obligations related to the Website, without the consent and possibility of expressing any objections by the Users.