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Thanks to this we will be able to contact you when you get a job offer, which you may be interested in. If you fill in the form, you will be asked to display your CV on our site We will be able to post your job search advertisement on our website, which will significantly increase the chance of finding employment in the job you are looking for. In accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act, your personal data will not be published on the website unless you give your consent to it, and their access to the future employer will take place only at the end of the recruitment process. Due to the fact that part of the job offers we present is on the terms of the advertising platform for offers you can answer directly by contacting the future employer.


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Advertisements, posted on the portal come directly from our clients, or are imported from trusted web portals, with which we cooperate and we cooperate. Our goal is to collect as many good job offers in the agri-food industry as possible in Poland as well as throughout Europe.