Siewy rzepaku w Polsce

2019-08-29 14:45:11

Drought hazard

2018-07-10 09:49:28

The Institute for the Cultivation of Fertilization and Soil Science has reported that there is still a drought in Poland which concerns an ever-growing group of plants. Spring cereals are the most threatened. Out of 2,478 municipalities in Poland, 1,477 municipalit...

Trade restrictions do not apply to oilseed rape

2018-06-29 11:37:31

In connection with the provisions of the Act of 10 January 2018 on restricting trade on Sundays and public holidays and other selected days, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in agreement with the Minister of Family, Labor and Social Policy and the ...

Resignation of the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development

2018-06-19 09:42:45

On June 18, 2018, the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Krzysztof Jurgiel resigned from his post. According to the ministry, this was due to personal reasons. Krzysztof Jurgiel became ...

The development of organic farming

2018-06-07 12:33:22

The development of organic farming is a priority for the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. This sector is dynamically developing and the need to consider it in the sphere of economy and environmental protection.

Changes in FSUSR

2018-05-23 10:11:32

At the beginning of May, the regulation of the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development of April 12, 2018 amending the ordinance on determining the one-off compensation for an accident at work in agriculture or agricultural occupational disease came into ...

"Independent Poland in tribute to Polish farmers"

2018-05-22 10:39:34

On May 21, 2018 in Warsaw, the ceremony took place - an independent Poland in tribute to Polish farmers. The KRiR management board, presidents and representatives of the Provincial Chambers of Agriculture and the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development a...

Worse wintering for crops

2018-04-30 10:11:41

Winter crops were weaker this year than in 2000. Appraisers wojew & oacute; research in March showed that crops wimbled worse, but without major losses. Atmospheric conditions were favorable. Resumption of vegetation took place at the end of Marc...

Beware of the skeleton of the messenger!

2018-04-12 10:29:58

Szarek komośnik is a bane planter & oacute; The pest feeds on green beet plant parts. In the east, its appearance has already been observed. Farmers must be vigilant, because the damage done by a small worm can be big. Often, beet & oacute sow...

Rape processing has increased

2018-02-28 09:15:29

The Polish Association Producer & oacute; in Oil reported that in 2017, it would increase the volume of oilseed rape. In 2016, we were processing seeds for rapeseed in plants bought in PSPO by 2016 and increased by 106 thousand. tone. It was higher in the secon...

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