The Sejm has passed a law restricting the sale of alcohol

The possibility of local self-governments to restrict night-time alcohol sales in stores and to prohibit drinking alcohol in public places, with the exception of places designated for this purpose - this is the final assumptions of the Act, adopted by the Sejm.

Under the amendment to the law on restricting the sale of alcohol, 246 people voted against, 161 were against, 20 abstained.

Mirosław Suchoń (Nowoczesna) assessed that the amendment would not help in counteracting alcoholism. "Poles will buy alcohol anyway, only in the gray area, without the control of what they sell and without tax" - He said. According to him, the new regulations will also cause financial problems for small shops & oacute; w.

Mr Ryszard Wilczyński (PO) criticized, among others, a law that prohibits drinking alcohol in a public place. "Public places are part of our small homelands, residents have the right to the places where they meet and can feel at ease, r & oacute; also with the proverbial beer. Local, youth, adults, neighbors, seniors, and local people are waiting for such solutions. - he said.

The Minister of Health Konstanty Radziwiłł also voted on the amendment. "It is true that the deputies" draft and the minister of health only look at this, but look with great kindness. I would not ask for the opportunity to speak, if not for the fact that during the discussion one of the MPs criticized the project, saying that it creates additional restrictions and makes it difficult for young people to access alcohol. For heaven"s sake! Please, support this law & quot; - said the minister.

The amendment to the Act on Upbringing in Sobriety and Counteracting Alcoholism and some other acts is to clarify and regulate the provisions to allow communes to restrict alcohol availability. The changes relate to introduction to the limit of granting permits for the sale of all alcoholic beverages, including those up to 4.5 percent. In the current legal status, the commune council, specifying the point of sale in the sale of alcohol, does not include 4.5% in the limit of beer and alcohol.

The amendment also regulates the problem of permits for the sale of alcohol in the commune. By way of a resolution, the commune will be able to set the maximum number of permits for individual and auxiliary units (villages, districts, estates), which are subject to it.

As he justified the work of the act in the Seym, the representative of the applicant in Szymon Szynkowski aka Sęk, the regulation is to solve the problem related to the "concentration of a large number of point in selling alcohol in one place". He explained that the problem is particularly acute for the center in large cities and the tourist resort.

According to the regulations, the commune will also have the option of limiting the hours of night sale of alcohol in stores. Restrictions may apply to sales between the hours of 22 and 6.

The amendment also introduces a ban on drinking alcohol in public places, with the exception of places intended for this purpose (currently such a ban is in force in specific places, including on streets, squares, parks). The provision introduces a general ban on drinking alcohol in public places, while giving local governments the opportunity to designate places intended for its consumption.

The amendment will come into force on January 1, 2018.

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