The Pinta brewery starts building its own brewery in a few days, but costs have increased

Pinta Brewery next week, at Mikołajki, begins the construction of its own brewery in Radziechowy-Wieprz commune near Żywiec. The general contractor of the investment will be PB Inbud Bielsko from Bielsko-Biała, selected in the tender procedure, dealing in comprehensive contracting of construction works. However, the investment costs increased.

The investment in its own brewery announced last year will consume almost PLN 21 million in the first stage, which is much more than it was originally assumed by the investor. Construction will be completed at the turn of August and September 2018. For three months now, the new brewery is to start brewing beer.

- The winner won the highest point for the offer in which the price was taken into account and the warranty period. A local company with a very good reputation, a contractor of many buildings in industrial steel construction, has been present on the construction market for over 35 years & ndash; m & oacute; wi Ziemowit Fałat, a major brewer and co-founder of Browar Pinta.

The investment of Pinty begins in the period of prosperity on the Polish construction market, which was not without impact on the bidding process and construction costs. Within a year of Pina"s announcement of the & oacute; plan to build its own brewery, prices for construction work increased by 25-30 percent.

Therefore, the investor decided to divide the construction of the brewery into two stages. In the first stage, which dealt with the bidding procedure, Pinta will build a complete production and administrative-social building along with land development.

The new brewery will be equipped with devices for brewing and bottling beer after conducting subsequent tenders. In the second stage, which is planned for the years 2019-2020, a taproom (a company pub) will be created together with the infrastructure for visitors to the brewery and the characteristic elevation of the container will be completed. In relation to the original plan, the investment budget had to increase from almost PLN 15 million for the whole to almost PLN 21 million gross only for the first stage.

The budget needed to complete the first stage of the investment was complemented by, among others, grants from technological credit of Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego for the amount of PLN 4.6 million and from the Silesian Center for Entrepreneurship & ndash; over PLN 1.4 million. The money from the last source of money comes from a subsidy that will be used to build a unique in Europe technological line for the production of ice beers and an IT system that supports the work of the brewery from purchasing raw materials and providing information on the history of brewing each beer to customers. after reading the code on the label.

Owners of the previous brewers of the Pinta brewery: Ziemowit Fałat, Marek Semla and Grzegorz Zwierzyn, as well as invited to this group of new co-founders: Cedric Gendaj and Tomasz Grendysz, who took over 50% of shares in Sp. Cedric Gendaj is a co-owner of, an importer of beers and representative in Poland of the legends of world-class craft brewing: American brewery Stone Brewing, Danish Mikkeller and Swedish Omnipollo. Tomasz Grendysz & nbsp; is a financier and a privately-run teacher and enthusiast of craft beer.

The production capacity of the new brewery originally planned for 15 thousand. hl are supposed to amount to 20,000 hl per year. The main reason is the rapidly growing sale of PINTY beers in Poland and abroad. In the entire 2017, PINTA will probably sell ca. 17,000 hl, or more than 3 thousand hl beer more than last year. Ultimately, 50,000 will be created in the new PINTY brewery hl of beer.

The plot in the Radziechowy-Wieprz commune near Żywiec, where a new brewery will be built, was bought by Peta in September 2016 for over PLN 1.4 million in a tender organized by the Katowice Special Economic Zone S.A. Already after the tender was closed, it turned out that the land, which was to be fully adapted to start the production activity, is not likely to be connected to the gas network by 2019. Using gas from the reservoir instead of the network will significantly increase the production costs of the new brewery. The Management Board of the KSSE has already committed to intervene in this matter and to improve the infrastructure of the plot as soon as possible.

After starting brewing in the new brewery, Pinty is to be employed by over 30 people. For now Browar Pinta remains so-called a contracted brewery that manages its beers by using leased and brewed breweries in Zawiercie and Zarzecze.

O & p; hand: The KSEZ management