Prices and quotes of red pepper - January 12-18, 2018.

What is the cost of foreign red pepper on the largest Polish agri-food markets? How have the minimum and maximum wholesale prices changed recently? We present prices and quotations of red pepper from January 2018.

Changes in wholesale prices

The foreign red pepper in recent days has reached a minimum price of 7.60 PLN / kg, the cost of a kilogram of raw material has thus grown to 6% in comparison to the previous quotation. Its maximum price dropped by 15% and now stands at PLN 11.00 / kg. On a monthly basis, an increase in the minimum price of red peppers from imports was observed by 27% and an increase in its maximum price by 31%.

The highest and lowest prices on wholesale markets

The imported red pepper is available for sale on the market in Bronisze, where it costs PLN 7.60-11.00 / kg. In Wrocław, it is bought at PLN 8.00 / kg, in Lublin it costs PLN 9.00 / kg, and in Łódź and Poznań & ndash; 8,00-9,00 PLN / kg.

Source: information bulletin of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development