Prices and quotation of maize - 1-7 January 2018.

We present the prices and quotations of corn from the first week of January 2018. We advise how the costs of purchasing raw materials have changed over the week and year. We compare the prices of maize from the most expensive and cheapest marketplaces, and present the extreme r & oquote of its quotations in various voivodeships.

Price changes in enterprises

2018-01-07 the price of corn forage amounted to 623 PLN / t, so its stagnation was recorded compared to last year. In the poring of up to 2016. the price of maize dropped by 9%.

Prices on Polish marketplaces

This week, on the Polish marketplaces, maize was sold at an average price of PLN 870 / t, which is 3% more expensive than expected in 2017-12-29. The minimum price paid per ton of fodder material was PLN 700, so we had a 16% increase. The maximum price of the raw material in turn reached 1000 PLN / t, so it was the same as last week.

The highest and lowest prices in wojew & oacute; games

On 2018-01-05, we could buy corn at the lowest price in the province of: Wielkopolskie, where a ton of fodder cost 700 zlotys. The highest value of the price of maize was achieved in the province of: Ł & oacute; dz & & ndash; per one ton of raw material, customers paid 1,000 zlotys there.

The highest and lowest prices in individual locations

Last week, the price of maize reached the highest value at marketplaces: Długosiodło and Radzymin (Mazowieckie), where the cost of buying a ton of fodder material amounted to PLN 1000. The least you had to pay at the market Szczucin (Małopolskie) where the price of the raw material was at the level of 700 PLN / t.

Source: information bulletin of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development