Prices and prices of beef - 1-7 January 2018.

We present the latest quotations of slaughter cattle, calves and young beef cattle. How do beef prices change on the Polish market? What value has Polish beef imports and exports already achieved? Here are the prices and quotations of beef from the first week of January 2018.

Prices of cattle for slaughter in Polish slaughterhouses

2018-01-07, the average price of slaughter cattle in Poland was at the level of 6.61 PLN / kg by live weight, 13.033 PLN / t by hot slaughter weight and 13.294 PLN / t by refrigerated post-slaughter weight. During the week, the price of cattle by slaughtered chunks has not changed, compared to the last year, while & ndash; increased by 3%.

Quarter sale prices and beef element

Quarters with bulls & oacute; slaughtered before the age of 2, cost the same as last week, or PLN 13,945 / t. For the sake of paying, the cost of a quarter with kr & oacute; in slaughter it decreased by 3% and now amounts to PLN 10,785 / t.

Purchase prices of live calves

Meat type bullies from 8 days to 4 weeks old were bought at 963,20 PLN / unit, so 10% more than last week. Dairy type in turn increased in price by 4% and currently cost PLN 659.80 / unit

Export of cattle and beef

In 2017, we sold 49,715 live cattle abroad with a total value of PLN 24,396,000. EUR. We exported r & oacute; also 251,518 tons of fresh beef worth PLN 888,780 thou. EUR and 81,021 tons of frozen milk worth PLN 264,144 thousand. EUR.

Cattle and beef imports

This year, 111.986 live cattle were brought to Poland at the price of PLN 56.968 thousand. EUR. We also bought 14,200 tons of fresh or chilled beef worth PLN 42,468,000. EUR 4,922 tonnes of frozen raw material with a value of PLN 18,869 thousand. EUR (data for September).

Source: information bulletin of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development