NIK and KRD on poultry production in Poland

The Supreme Audit Office and the National Poultry Council - Chamber of Commerce have closely analyzed NIK"s report on the use of antibiotics in animal production in the province of Lubuskie. The wrong interpretation of the result in the case of both units was to correct the conclusion in the contents.

NIK and KRD-IG underlined that the control concerned the correctness and effectiveness of exercising supervision over the use of antibiotics in livestock production by the Lubuskie authorities of the Veterinary Inspection and Sanitary Inspection. and not directly the manufacturer & oacute; in & apos; product of animal origin. Both parties have admitted that the poultry industry is growing so fast that it needs to be monitored and its quality improved. This also applies to checking antibiotics & oacute; used in animal production.

All controls are to promote the growth of the quality of Polish food.

The entire report and applications are available at NIK .

Ore & oacute; hand: KRD-IG, NIK
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