E-learning training

The Agricultural Advisory Center in Brwinów Branch in Krakow organizes on 22.02. - 30/03/2018 internet training on & e. Effective use of innovative methods in the field of water management in rural areas & quot;

To participate in the training, we invite specialists and advisors in employed in Agricultural Advisory Centers dealing with the development of rural areas in rural areas.
The aim of the training is to present methods in the effective use of water management as a factor in the development of agriculture, the environment and the area in rural areas. Will be discussed, among others:
- water resources and development in rural areas,
- water needs of agriculture, satisfying the needs of agriculture and the natural environment,
- technical and non-technical methods of water retention, importance for agricultural production
and development area & in rural,
- role of water melioration devices in agriculture and natural environment,
- non-agricultural possibilities of using liquid & oat and reservoir & in water,
- current development challenges in the area of ​​rural areas in Poland, in the light of climate change
and international experience,
- natural methods of water retention.
Participation in online training is free. We will notify you about qualifying for the training after completing the recruitment.
Advisors interested in participating in the training, please send your participation registration card by e-mail (scan) to: m.szaszkiewicz@cdr.gov.pl or by fax to the number 12 425 05 05.
Recruitment will be carried out until 15 February 2018.
The participants of the training are required to have an individual e-mail account. The only application necessary to use the training tool is the web browser.
Completion of the training will be confirmed by a certificate after obtaining a minimum of 60% of the total point for the test solved as part of the training.

Source: Centrum Doradztwa Rolniczego & nbsp;